is telling me that Sunday will be yet another fine-ass Indian Summer day, which means there is little reason to miss the big outdoor party at the MCA that afternoon. It’s our last real chance this year to stand around outside watching bands while drinking at an irresponsibly early hour. I’m sure it’ll spark some reminiscing among friends about all the other times this summer that they’ve stood around watching bands and drinking. “Remember that ironic 80s-jogger-looking guy who tried to crowd surf during Mastodon’s set at Pitchfork?” one might ask. “Yeah,” his friend would reply, “he looked really awkward, like he realized halfway in that he’s not comfortable with physical contact with strangers.” “Hilarious.” That kind of thing.

Also there will be a ton of kickass hometown jams being put down in a ruthless fashion at the following times by the following acts:

1:00     Headache City
1:40     Poster Children
2:30     1900s
3:20     Califone
4:15     The Eternals
5:00     Flosstradamus with Cool Kids

As a bonus, the MCA’s rock-and-art exhibit, Sympathy for the Devil, will be open for perusal. And the whole thing is free.