• Josh Alder
  • Jeff Garlin popped in, along with several others

When Mike Birbiglia canceled his shows at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater late last week because of “insurmountable technical difficulties,” I was tasked by the Reader overlords to select one of the remaining four Tuesday shows to review. I didn’t think it was necessary to check out The Conan Writers Live because I was already seeing Conan on Monday, and, duh, he’d be channeling them anyway. And because I was in the mood for real live humans, Henson Alternative’s Stuffed and Unstrung sounded too puppety. DuPage County’s own Kyle Kinane was performing at Up Comedy Club, but that was scheduled for 10:30 PM and I felt like writing this post before two in the morning, relatively unhammered.

So I went with the $5 local comedy show at the Beat Kitchen, christened Chicago Underground Comedy Presents: Secret Big-Time Local Comedy Showcase.

I made the best choice.