Winners: GOP. The base of the reliably feckless state party managed to cast off feckless leader Andy McKenna and infamous rerun Jim Ryan for one of two unlikely picks. It’s a sensible risk, insofar as a chance of winning is a better option than a likely respectable defeat.

Losers: Democrats. Lynn Sweet: “Giannoulias is the opponent the Republicans wanted.” Meanwhile, Quinn and Hynes spent the short primary season trying to make the other the least wanted candidate. Unenthusiastic voters sent them to a draw. To paraphrase Craig Finn, killer primaries almost killed me.

Winner: Bill Brady. Illinois: it’s big. Who knew? I didn’t.

Losers: Jim Ryan. Turns out that railroading an innocent man to Death Row and then being a dick about it might prevent you from being governor (phew). And with a dignified and/or calculated – take your pick – example to follow in George Ryan, no less.