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What do a Brian Eno-produced Waka Flocka Flame album, a Sam Kinison special with the “mute” button switched on, and a Buster Keaton movie all have in common? They’re all things I think about when I’m at the dentist’s office! Actually, they’re all things that walk a fine line between silence and noise, which is a lot of what we did on the Bleader last week. You can find all of that by checking out this nifty archive of last week’s Variations on a Theme, Silence vs. Noise Week.

We made plenty of noise elsewhere on the Bleader last week. Actually, the person who made the most noise was Willis Earl Beal, whose excellent debut Acousmatic Sorcery is still streaming on our site. The silence was deafening in response to the news that Millennium Park is ceasing its Music Without Borders series. There was a racket over Tribune Company’s dealings with DirecTV, and Rahm Emanuel continued to be his noisy self, this time over—what’s new—drugs.