Like most dance music genres, blog house was declared dead by its more cutting-edge proponents as soon as it got popular enough to earn its own unfortunate moniker. And for sure there is something burnout-inspiring about the form’s kudzu-like infestation of dance clubs around the world, and the way that its genuine talents are often swamped by wave after wave of pale imitators. That being said, it’s still a little too early to fully turn your back on the style, and its going to be a little while until the last bit of fun can be squeezed out of the combination of pulsing Giorgio Moroder beeps, obnoxious 90s-rave synth freakouts, and raps about sex, drugs, and personal electronics from the 90s.

If you want to stock up on “I was there” moments to pepper into future conversations, I recommend checking out tomorrow’s event at Smart Bar.

Headliners LA Riots are one of the aforementioned genuine talents of the genre. Their DJ mixes (one is available here) show a genuine knowledge of and respect for the older forms they’re jacking, and their already huge catalog of remixes is marked by a refreshing sense of restraint.

The Bloody Beetroots, on the other hand, can really shine when they completely abandon restraint and good taste by pushing blog house’s standard distorted synths to a place not too far from pure noise. Of course that can also make them completely obnoxious at times, and I still haven’t settled on whether to love them or hate them.

Felix Cartal has supplied some of my favorite dance-floor jams of the past year. A couple of quirky breaks aside, his track “Drugs” could have slain at any rave I ever went to in the 90s.

The event is free, but requires an RSVP through its sponsor, Toyota Scion, and probably putting up with a fair bit of Scion propaganda around the club.