On any given day if I haven’t decided what to have for dinner by, say, 2 PM, I start panicking. Such a state of mind calls for a Lawrence Avenue foray, which is almost certain to turn up something new and unusual. Today I hit the jackpot. Proceeding west from Kedzie in Albany Park:

El Huarachin Huarachon, 3320 W. Lawrence. Tiny one-month-old taqueria with a big menu, including house-made tortillas and huaraches and some unusual items such as tlacoyos, masa patties similar to pupusas.

King Tut Restaurant and Hookah Cafe, 3737 W. Lawrence. The owners of the former Queen Nefertiti took on a new partner, remodeled, and expanded the menu, which includes lamb tongues, raw kibbeh, the meat-and-okra stew bamia, and a bunch of other things I’ve never tried before.

Big Pho, 3821 W. Lawrence. The Korean pho joint now serves teriyaki.

Couscous House, 4624 W. Lawrence. One-month-old Algerian-owned restaurant with a small menu of kebabs, appetizers, and couscous.

Restaurant Bulgaria, 4724 W. Lawrence. Not new at all–it’s been around a year–but completely off my radar up to now. Large nightclub and restaurant with a huge menu that includes a surprising number of offal appetizers. On Thanksgiving there’s a special of turkey with sour cabbage for $5.50.

I’ll tell you where I ended up tomorrow, after I’ve digested.