Ask and ye shall receive. John Kass weighs in on state employee Bill Ayers:

I’ve always been fascinated as to how the radical underground stop running and get jobs in academia. Is there a Terrorist Patronage Office for Rich White People?

On one hand, I have little sympathy for Ayers, part of a small clique of suburban radicals whose incompetence kept them from doing the great and heinous murders they planned at Fort Dix, and who have done incalculable harm to the antiwar movement in America (though in fairness to him, you should read his response to the article that contained his infamous “we didn’t do enough” quote).

On the other, the question as to how ex-offenders of all classes and kinds should be reintegrated into society is a quite serious one. Just because he’s an uncommon criminal doesn’t mean he should be restricted more than a common one. I don’t know a great deal about his academic work at UIC, but it seems to be highly regarded; Mayor Daley tapped him to lead Chicago’s school-reform program and speaks forgivingly of him.

I don’t have a good answer, but the question is bigger than Ayers.