Sorry, I’m still catching up and readjusting after the holidays. I realize I’m punting here, but sharing is fun. And before you start in on the new year being an arbitrary time to do the right thing, one thing I have come to realize is that the post-holiday falloff in responsibilities makes it a good time to concentrate.

1) Replace crappy Asus netbook Linux with Ubuntu (done, thanks Ubuntu Eee).

2) Weather-seal apartment windows (halfway done).

3) New shelving (found in alley! omen?) for books reorganization (mostly done).

4) Turn old computer into DVR (should have tuner shortly; wondering whether to try MythTV), get on top of Netflix subscription, ease up on Law & Order watching

5) Cook. Nothing elaborate, just stuff. Acquired a Depression-era Chicago Daily News cookbook for ideas.

6) Attempt slow listening, continue Project Vinyl Ripping

7) Attend at least one service at IIT’s God Box and Wright’s Unity Temple with other architecturally prominent churches TK for perhaps Web project TK

8) Interview project TK

9) Catch up on unread local classics (Fire On the Prairie is first)

10) Be less of an agoraphobic shut-in