As a Glencoe teen, Louis Lapat spent eight weeks each summer at the ultra-competitive all-boys sports camp Camp Ojibwa in Eagle River, Wisconsin, culminating in a final Collegiate Week competition that participants called the Jewish Superbowl. 

When he found ten years later that he still felt trauma from the experience, he decided to return to the camp and make a film about it.  In the film, Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story, he combines contemporary scenes of Collegiate Week (such as college-age coaches tearing into their young players like drill sergeants, and the entire second place team throwing their trophies in the lake in shame) and animated sequences telling his own story, portraying himself as a pink mohawk-sporting stick figure. Ultimately, he says, the film is about learning how to lose. 

Win or Lose screens Sunday at 11 AM and 12:15 PM at the Highland Park Theater, 445 Central Avenue.