Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon would have been wasted on the John Edwards campaign. She points out that feminists have won a huge battle in most of the country, because now even their enemies “at least have to pretend to believe in some semblance of equality and at least try to appear they care about women’s own well-being. But where I grew up, people tended to be a bit more blatant….

“Classic example, since we’ve been talking about the Ann Althouse mentality where women are basically expected to exist for men and certainly not to compete with them academically—when I was in high school, I got in trouble for dress code violations a lot. One day one teacher (whose daughter was a cheerleader and therefore was required to wear microminis to school) sent me to the prinicipal’s for wearing a ‘short’ skirt. (It hit my knees.) After making me kneel down so they could measure the skirt, the principal said to me that I needed to wear jeans to school and think of the boys. Apparently, the glimpse of my knees was so erotically compelling that it could affect their studies and his not so subtle hint was that I, as a woman, needed to embrace my life’s mission of subsuming myself and everything I wanted to do and always, always put the boys first.”

Unless you’re a fundamentalist, those days are gone. But not forgotten.