In my ongoing quest to intensify the battle of the sexes and/or genders, a few juicy online discussions popped up on the radar Tuesday:


  • Over at feministing, Jessica riffs on a Guardian story and asks what one should call pro-feminist men. One commenter observes that men who actually call themselves “feminists” are, in her experience, “generally the worst of the worst–not only misogynist pigs, but because they consider themselves enlightened, completely uneducatable.” Sounds right to me.
  • And at Terra Sigillata, Abel Pharmboy asks whether it would be a good idea for the Hooters franchise near a regular breast-cancer research symposium to do a benefit therefor? (He says it’s already done at the corporate level.) I’m already in enough trouble here, so I won’t even try to quote from the many astute and amusing comments.
  • Hey, maybe battle of the sexes isn’t enough: How about . . . Sharia women-only beach in Italy?  (Article from the Guardian, discussion from feministing once again.) There are more comments than even I can read, but one early commenter has this: “I’m not a Muslim woman, and I’d go to a beach like this . . . if only to avoid obnoxious frat boy types.”