When Joe Moore heard a judge had dismissed Don Gordon’s election lawsuit Friday, he sounded like a man ready for a cocktail. “I was never concerned, but I’m glad it’s over,” he said. “I hope Don and his supporters will work with me to improve the ward.”

But Gordon was just then sending out an email to supporters reminding them that his new political organization, Voters Organized For Truthful Election Results, would be serving up a few of its own cocktails at a July 28 party for “everyone who wants honest elections in the 49th Ward!”

When I mentioned this to Moore, he responded in a way that made me think he might skip Gordon’s bash. “We have one of the most open political organizations in the city,” Moore said. “Anyone can become a member, and members decide who to endorse. I think all this is is a bunch of overheated rhetoric from a bunch of sore losers.”

At about that time, Gordon was telling Ben Joravsky that he wasn’t going to give up his fight just yet. And this afternoon he sent out another e-mail trumpeting that he and his team of investigators had already gone through 4,000 49th Ward ballot applications and election records. “What we found, coupled with other investigations we are currently pursuing, support earlier reports of irregularities and fraud that were our initial motivation for filing this case,” Gordon wrote in the email.

“Because of the legal precedent set years ago by another challenge to an aldermanic election result, we had the legal right to submit an amended complaint including evidence uncovered during the discovery process. We were preparing to present that amended complaint when Judge Hayes denied us that opportunity on July 20th. Now we must petition the court to allow us to execute that right and to present our amended complaint.”

Whatever happens, Gordon said, he will eventually release the findings of his investigation to the public. In the meantime, next Saturday’s party is on–in fact, it’s “the next step in our effort to establish a non-partisan watchdog group to promote accountability and honest elections in the 49th ward.”

Sounds like a wild time. Really, though, here’s an idea for an even better one: Alderman Moore, Mr. Gordon, if I have a cookout and invite both of you, will you come? We’d have plenty to talk about, and the cocktails would all be on me.