I owe this one to my colleague Kate Schmidt. She was taking a look at my recent Hot Type on the Huffington Post and its reliance on people who contribute for nothing. Kate noticed this response posted online:

“…Ms. Huffington is merely cashing in on the fact that writers expect to be treated badly. Meanwhile, she has a bundle of money, thanks to marrying a rich husband. It’s shameful, I think. The problem is that there are plenty of people who will writer for free to see their names in print.”

No doubt she was looking at a typing mistake, but it was an evocative mistake. There are people who write, and there are people who writer. The writerers are a grown-up version of the kid who sits in a parent’s lap and twists and turns the wheel of the family car parked in the driveway. Why would anyone expect to get paid for the thrill of writering? Just living the writery life is reward enough.