Mary Backman, Great Bend, Kansas

“My small group of 60-something friends and I all wore our Obama shirts today, I even wore mine to Walmart!!! Nobody threw stones.  it has been such an interesting year. I have been a lifelong Republican, who mostly voted for Democratic candidates within the last year or so. The “powers” in the Rep. party pushed the idea that anyone of any office in the party would have to sign a loyalty oath. Even though that idea quickly died, the very thought of that kind of thinking made me reregister as a Democrat, and i do not regret that decision. It has been interesting to see the mainly Republican-leaning newspapers endorsing Obama, and Jim Slattery over Pat Roberts–quite a shock to the public. I am writing this abt 3pm central time, and the poles will not close for hours, but I do think there will be a surprising # of votes for Obama, and for Slattery, of course not enough to make a difference, but most of us are making a statement.

“I am very nervous about tonight–i know what the poles say, but i know that in many peoples heads–we have not come far from the l950’s. Racism is pretty strong in the midwest. You just have to listen in on the whispered
conversations  in restaurants, and in line at the grocery stores.  The amount of hatred shown by some Republicans in this race has been shocking–it is not just toward Obama, but toward Democrats in general. We are all evil, selfish people who serve no good purpose on this earth.”