I don’t know if anyone has ever sent an “inbox” regarding another person’s “inbox,” but that’s exactly what I am doing. I read Sorry, Brien and it really aggravated me. I am in the culinary industry and this guy doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about. I think what you guys do with the Key Ingredient section is awesome and this is me sticking up for all those people out there who eat meat and appreciate culinary. I’m not saying you have to eat meat to be a chef, but this is just my opinion about this guy’s opinion of people that eat/cook meat. This argues some of his points.

What is this guy’s deal??!! It’s a fact that only 3% of people in the US are vegetarian or vegan, so why should the rest of the 97% of us stop eating meat. Even if humans didn’t eat meat, animals would still be eating each other, so how would we be saving animals from “hell on earth.” And not all animals are “massacred” for food. These days laws have been passed to protect animals from being inhumanely killed. Many butchers and farmers have set up systems where the animals don’t know it’s coming and are killed within seconds and feel no pain. The flesh food industry might cause the issues to the environment like he stated, but there are NUMEROUS other things on this planet that cause pollution, lack of forests, and damage to ecosystem. I think it is also a little dramatic to compare eating meat to dogfighting and whaling. Last I checked there were no laws against eating meat, but there are against some of these other “traditions” he names. This person has also obviously not done all the research when it comes to religions and their eating practices, either. It isn’t true that all of those religions don’t eat any meat. This guy needs to get his facts straight before he starts spouting off.


*I hope you consider putting this in your inbox. I think many other will agree with me.*

Thank You

[Editor’s note: This is not the first time Brien Comerford has written to the Reader on this topic. Not by a long shot.]