Thursday 7-28-11

Dear Mr. Ludwig—

I have no computer so I can’t send E-mail.

At [address redacted] there is a McDonald’s. The man purchased this franchise 2 years ago. He remodeled it. BUT no air cond. last year or this year. His help only answers in Spanish.

He has 2 fans facing the counter. Their reputation as a goody-2shoes for people + children stink. The weather is close to 100 degrees + people coming inside look bewildered. The high rises in this area are plentiful but you can’t sit down + read in this heat. Rehabilitan Hospital people come in with their wheelchairs + leave. The owner doesn’t care. Happy meals are not happy.

Go inside + check it out. How can he hold the “friendly” reputation McD. tries to maintain. Are other McDonald’s doing the same thing?

This is sad.

—A retiree.