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We knew it was coming. It was inevitable.

Every time Reader food writer Mike Sula ventures deep into the realm of carnivorousness, we’re going to hear from Brien Comerford. Here’s his latest salvo, in response to Sula’s feature story “Chicken of the trees.”

To: letters
Sent: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 10:49 pm
Subject: Carnivorous Anthropocentrism!

Reading the August 16 Headline article was tantamount to concurrently having both mortifying hallucinations and horrific realizations that carnivorous anthropocentrism is exacerbating and perpetuating mankind’s descent into perdition. The columnist’s grandeur for the omnipotent intelligence of man and irreverent lack of respect for the earthly value for animals is palpably laden with vainglory. Instead of sanely promoting the virtues of veganism he spirals out of control and condones the hunting, butchering and unpalatable consumption of squirrels. The latter are wretchedly demonized as veritable vermin and so are raccoons, opossums and deer. The columnist’s bogus empathy for the plight of cows and chickens in factory farms and slaughterhouses is farcical. I’m finally convinced that the only people on this planet that have any sanity and serenity are the Jains of India. They adhere to the creed of ahimsa that mandates believers not to cause any pain or suffering to any innocent beings. Under no circumstances will they eat the dead flesh of our fellow creatures. Carnivorous anthropocentrism is anathema to them and the enlightened animal lovers, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews who eschew flesh-foods. The moral illuminati know that killing animals for food is a spiritual crime and smoking pot is not. Holy cow, they’re right!

Brien Comerford