• Asher Klein
  • Show’s over, nothing to see here, keep ‘er moving.

After the confetti dropped like Nate Silver’s mic, Obama’s biggest supporters faced the problem of getting the hell out of McCormick Place after hearing his final campaign speech of the year last night. A few faced the added hurdle of talking to me about their feelings. They were very gracious to me and still feeling the glow from the president’s praise—he called this the best campaign in the history of the world, as I recall.

Cynthia, Tamyko, Carol, and Lauri were two sets of friends at the start of the night, but had clearly bonded by the end. The volunteers shared their feelings in a jumble: “I feel great, like really.” “This country is so blessed.” “Just relief. Huge, huge relief . . .” “And elated!” One had a closer bond to Obama. “I had just taken an oath to join the U.S. Army,” Tamyko told me. She was stationed at Fort Jackson, and he was a great commander in chief, she said.