• Ralph Barrera/AP
  • Only a strange series of events could result in me cheering for the same team as Texas governor Rick Perry

We were in a family seafood restaurant in southwest Michigan, and like everyone else we were enjoying our fried perch and desperately hoping that justice would prevail. That is to say, we were watching the Texas A&M-Alabama game, and when the Aggies picked off a pass to kill a Crimson Tide comeback drive late in the fourth quarter, we all dropped our forks and cheered like hell.

And why wouldn’t we? The top-ranked Crimson Tide, the defending national champions, the powerhouse inspiring fear and loathing across the country, the perennial juggernaut coached by the brilliant and oily Nick Saban— those mofos were going down!

We were all A&M fans right then. Who’d have thought I’d be on the same side of anything as Texas governor Rick Perry?

But it wasn’t over—I knew that all too well.