Following up on my story about Ambulette earlier this summer:
The group, led by former Denali singer Maura Davis and backed by Chicago-based drummer Ryan Rapsys, guitarist Matt Clark, and bassist Stephen Howard, was on tour in Philadelphia in April when they became another victim in a string of thefts targeting bands in and around the city. The group lost nearly $20,000 worth of gear. 

Last month, after going through a thicket of red tape, the band received its insurance payout from State Farm. Ironically, it arrived during the final days of recording sessions for its Capitol Records debut, an album they recorded with borrowed, rented, and hastily-purchased replacement gear. After settling with the band, the insurance company promptly dropped Ambulette’s policy. The group hasn’t heard anything further on the recovery of their instruments from Philly police either. “We’re still checking eBay and snooping around on our own a little bit,” says Clark, whose prized ‘59 Fender Jazzmaster was taken. “But I think it’s kind of a lost cause at this point.”

In happier news, Ambulette did finish tracking the album with producer Dave Schiffman, and they’re currently trying to select someone to mix the disc. Ambulette had been hoping to preview their new songs during a fall tour, but it doesn’t look likely that they’ll be able to hit the road; the record is currently slated for a February 20, 2007, release date, though that could be pushed back depending on the mixing process, which they hope to have completed by the end of October.