A first! Snow falls in Baghdad – Yahoo! News

“The snow showed no favoritism as it fell faintly on neighborhoods Shiite and Sunni alike, and (with apologies to James Joyce) upon all the living and the dead.”

9 People Who Died Laughing – Death – Book of Lists – Canongate Home

“Chrysippus is said to have died from a fit of laughter on seeing a donkey eat some figs.”

» The Secret Lives of Fonts » fadtastic – a multi-author web design trends journal

“I want to say that serifs appeal to academics more than sans-serifs do. I even briefly hypothesized that potential students would be innately drawn towards a the site of a college with a serif font more than one with a sans-serif.”

Online health sites | Salon Life

“He proceeded to call her the ‘queen, perhaps, of all Googlers,’ a class of patients he referred to as “brainsuckers.'”

Grizzly Deaths in Chick Tracts: YAAAHH!

“It seems every victim of a grizzly death in Jack T. Chick religious tracts yells the same thing just as their life is ending. The spelling may vary somewhat from one story to another but it’s always the same basic primal scream: “YAAAHH!””