Bob Eisen Credit: William Frederking

Links Hall founder Bob Eisen has always approached his work with a refreshingly honest, go-with-the-flow mentality. “I’m just not a big meaning guy in terms of making a dance,” the 69-year-old choreographer muses. “It’s not like I think it’s a bad thing, it just isn’t in my blood.”

As a result, Eisen can come across as artfully coy. Asked about his latest artistic venture, he demurred: “It’s hard for me to say what this is about. I don’t really work that way.”

Eisen, who moved to New York in 2000, is back in Chicago to celebrate his 70th birthday with a performance among friends at the venue he still calls home. “Past, Past, Present” enlists a few of Links Hall’s usual suspects. Choreographer and performer Kristina Isabelle will reconstruct Sybil Shearer’s Judgment Seeks Its Own Level (1969), part of her ongoing investigation into the local icon’s renegade history. Links Hall cofounder Charlie Vernon also represents the past, showing a video of his 1981 work That Fall, a piece that features five men and four wooden chairs.

As for Eisen, he’ll team up with dancers Nicholas Schrier and Jessica Cornish for an as-yet-untitled trio in which the dancers make use of the space in a “fun, humorous way.” That’s as specific as Eisen was willing to get, but at least he promises to keep you entertained. 

“Past, Past, Present” Mon 11/14, 7 PM, Links Hall at Constellation, 3111 N. Western, 773-281-0824,, $10.