The original Lisagor, Chicago Daily News correspondent Peter, whose mug now adorns those plaques Credit: Chicago Sun-Times print collection

Reader‘s archive is vast and varied, going back to 1971. Every day in Archive Dive, we’ll dig through and bring up some finds.

Devoted Reader readers (aka our moms) may have noticed that we took home a few plaques from the annual Chicago Headline Club Lisagor awards last Friday night. (Our moms got a more detailed blow-by-blow account yesterday.) The Lisagors are, like just about every other industry award, one of those things that are of some interest to a very small group of people and of zero interest at all to just about anybody else.

However, the Lisagors do give us an excuse to revisit some past stories that were celebrated by the Chicago journalism community:

“The CHA’s ‘supervoucher’ program: A desegregation strategy that never was” by Meribah Knight and Maya Dukmasova (2016)
“At Profiles Theatre the drama—and abuse—is real” by Christopher Piatt and me (2016)
On Identity and Culture columns by Derrick Clifton (2016)
On Politics columns by Ben Joravsky (2015)
“A better goal for CPS;” “Three families tell us why they ditched CPS;” and “Standardized testing overkill at CPS” by Steve Bogira (2014)
“The shot that brought the projects down” by Mick Dumke (2013)

“Pariahs among the rainbows” by Elly Fishman (2013)
“The shadow budget” and “Shedding light on the shadow budget” by Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky
“The greater of two evils” by Michael Miner (2008)
“Bye-Bye Bell’s” by Nicholas Day (2006)
“Hecho en Illinois” by Linda Lutton and Catrin Einhorn (2006)

Reader media columnist Michael Miner has written extensively on the story behind the story at the Lisagors, including changes in the rules, a reporter who won an award after getting laid off, and a scandal that resulted in a a revoked award.

In 2007, Whet Moser analyzed what the Headline Club’s choice of nominees meant about the state of Chicago media, in itself an interesting experiment.