• High

One of the best bands to work their way out of the Australian underground, Royal Headache, will be releasing a new LP in August, their first since their 2011 self-titled debut. The band have been relatively quiet over the past couple of years, and some interviews with Royal Headache members even hinted that they’d broken up. But yesterday the band unleashed “High,” the title track from their upcoming record, and it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track. It’s a top-notch Royal Headache tune: jangly, melodic indie-pop with a punky edge—not far off from lo-fi American bands like Guided by Voices. The highlight of “High,” just like with most other tracks from this band, is lead singer Shogun, who channels a young Rod Stewart in his ragged soulfulness and his knack for massive hooks. “High” and the announcement of the new record come at the same time as news of an American tour, which makes its way to the Empty Bottle on 8/19. It’s a good summer to be a Royal Headache fan. Check out “High” below.

High is out on What’s Your Rupture? on 8/21.