• Kelsey Henderson
  • Uniform

Uniform, the New York noise-rock duo of Ben Greenberg (formerly of the Men and Pygmy Shrews) and Michael Berdan (who used to sing in Drunkdriver) have been one of my favorite bands to emerge over the past couple years, creating a perfectly damaged racket with their punishing recordings and confrontational live performances. This week the band announced that their debut full-length, Perfect World, would be out in early June via 12XU, and along with that came a preview of the record, the title track, which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. Building on their minimal formula of repetitive, noisy guitar squall over simple, straightforward electronic backing, “Perfect World” burns a little more slow than anything else the band has done before, beginning with a spoken performance by Berdan that eventually blossoms into a massive, terrifying roar over its six-minute duration. The fuzzy, 80s-metal guitar tone and nervous breakdown vocal freak-outs are propelled by a blown-out, industrial backing rhythm, a twisted and furious combination of harsh vibes that sounds like it crawled out of the nastiest, grimiest basement in Brooklyn. Check it out below.