The cover of the 1972 double LP Clube da Esquina

Last week I saw a new video featuring two young retro-leaning Brazilian rock bands covering the classic Milton Nascimento song “Saidas e Banderas No. 1.” In the past both Boogarins and O Terno have demonstrated a love for vintage jams from their homeland, particularly the wiggy psychedelia of tropicalismo faves Os Mutantes. The 1972 album Clube da Esquina, where that Nascimento track originally appeared, is much more chill and elegant than anything Os Mutantes ever released, but its mix of psychedelic folk and jazz harmony definitely gets expansive and trippy. The cover version is very nice, with Dinho Almeida (Boogarins) and Martim Bernardes (O Terno) braiding their voices in respectable falsettos in tribute to Nascimento and guest vocalist Beto Guedes. The original track was a frustratingly brief 45 seconds, but the cover stretches it out to seven and a half minutes. 

While it’s nice to hear that too-short tune extended, so that its gorgeous melody can get the space it deserves, another part of me asks, “Why bother?” I suppose it comes down to personal taste, but for me Clube da Esquina is already a perfect record. I’ve enjoyed the covers of its songs I’ve heard, including a fun take on “Cravo e Canela” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy with Tortoise, but none has added anything interesting to the originals or increased my appreciation of them. After I heard this latest cover, I knew I had to share a track from the album as today’s 12 O’Clock Track. It was hard to pick one, but I think I’ll forever love the opening track most of all—so here’s “Tudo o Que Você Podia Ser.”

Today’s playlist:

Equilibrium, Liquid Light (Songlines)
The Sweet Inspirations, The Complete Atlantic Singles Plus (Real Gone Music)
Jason Rigby, The Sage (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Müzeyyen Senar, Gül Yüzlülerin Sevkine Gel (Coskun)
The Jam, Sound Effects (Polydor)