Eddie Acevedo Jr. was angry. In the wake of the outcome of Tuesday’s primary, he called up Chicago alderman Danny Solis to share some choice words. Words such as motherfucker, bitch, and bitch-ass motherfuckin’ bitch ass.  

The source of Eddie’s displeasure was that his brother Alex had lost to Theresa Mah in the race for state rep in the Second District, the seat their father will vacate upon retirement. Eddie put the blame squarely on the 25th Ward alderman, and let him know in a wonderfully profanity-packed voice-mail message leaked to the Sun-Times.  

The message immediately went viral around the Reader office this afternoon, and director of photography Danielle Scruggs answered with a trap remix that emphasizes Eddie Jr.’s acute, unrefined menace. Paired with the track’s swelling horn samples, the crude monologue comes across as even more thuggish. And infinitely more hilarious.       

We’ve also put out a call on Twitter seeking additional remixes, so fire up GarageBand and show us what you’ve got, bitch.