Bobby Conn

When I interviewed avant-pop singer Bobby Conn for this week’s B Side feature on Evanston kids’ musician Justin Roberts and his Grammy-nominated album Recess, Conn told me about a mixtape he made for his seven-year-old daughter, Claudia, who has been getting hooked on Katy Perry through her classmates. Conn wanted to introduce his daughter to some other pop artists she might take to now that she’s digging Perry; as he told me, “I’m not against Katy Perry, but I don’t want to listen to just Katy Perry.” He also mentioned a few of the artists he included on the mix—which is actually on CD—in our conversation, like Lorde, Grimes, Blondie, and ESG.

The day after we spoke Conn e-mailed me the track list for the mix, writing that his daughter “says she likes it (but she listens to her Katie [sic] Perry CD more often).” Conn gave me the thumbs up to post the track list, and I even turned it into a couple Spotify playlists—they’re slightly incomplete because White Magic’s “One Note” and Joanna Newsom’s “Peach, Plum, Pear” aren’t on Spotify, so I had to get a little creative. Take a listen after the jump.

1. Grimes – “Oblivion”
2. Grimes – “Be a Body”
3. Cocteau Twins – “Lorelei”
4. Blondie – “Heart of Glass”
5. ESG – “Moody (Spaced Out)”
6. Erase Errata – “Cruising”
7. The Slits – “Love Und Romance”
8. White Magic – “One Note”
9. Joanna Newsom – “Peach, Plum, Pear”
10. Breeders – “Cannonball”
11. Glasser – “Exposure”
12. Cobra Killer – “Mr. Chang”
13. Blondie – “Sunday Girl”
14. Angie Reed – “Ma Cherie, Majorie”
15. Lorde – “Ribs”
16. Lorde – “Buzzcut Season”