Four years removed from the release of his self-titled debut as In Tall Buildings—backed by the then-fledgling Whistler Records—Chicago-based Erik Hall preps the release of his follow-up, Driver, due out on Western Vinyl on February 17. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Flare Gun,” is the first bit of that album to be made available, and it showcases the same warm, spacious pop Hall is so adept at composing. Though the track seems more focused on the gentle melodies breezing through the foreground—present in both Hall’s airy vocals and the twisting acoustic guitar line—the subtle noises bubbling behind the music are often as bewitching. As is common with Hall’s eclectic output—the songwriter is also a longtime member of Afrobeat band Nomo—there’s a lot more happening than what you can hear right in front of you.