One of the tracks from Rubberooms Gothic Architecture is on Kid Millions latest Chicago rap mix
  • One of the tracks from Rubberoom’s Gothic Architecture is on Kid Millions’s latest Chicago rap mix

Back in November I came across a compilation of old-school Chicago rap songs called “88-98 Chicago mix,” which features a handful of cuts that aren’t easy to find in any physical form. The tunes came straight from the crates of Milwaukee rapper Kid Millions, aka John Kuester, one of the founders of Dope Folks Records, a small reissue label that released one of my favorite overlooked local hip-hop releases of 2013, Black A.G. & Quicksilver Cooley’s Fame Goes to Your Head. Dope Folks specializes in rereleasing the kind of rare and obscure rap LPs that hardcore collectors seek out, and it’s pretty clear Kuester knows his stuff—I’d love to dig through his personal collection, but in the meantime Kuester is rolling out more regional rap mixes to keep me from hopping a train north and rifling through his LPs. Just the other day he dropped the second mix in a proposed trilogy of Windy City-centric rap compilations, “Chicago Mix Pt. 2 by Kid Millions, 1988-2006.” It’s got a few more well-known acts than the previous installment—there’s Rhymefest, Rubberoom, and E.C. Illa, who was also on the first compilation—and they’re slotted alongside groups such as East of the Rock, which I recently got hooked on. Stream the whole thing below.