• Drew Reynolds courtesy of PMA PR
  • Pinback

The deluge of bands playing a classic album in its entirety reached its saturation point at last weekend’s Riot Fest when ten bands did that very thing. It’s easy to dismiss these kinds of performances for indulging in nostalgia, but I can appreciate them for the way they challenge our beloved memories of a specific album. The musicians performing an old record in full today have since changed, and seeing, say, Dexter Holland sing every song off Smash a couple decades and several dye jobs later can force you to reexamine how your own tastes and attitudes have evolved instead of pining for a bygone era.

I write this because tomorrow night San Diego indie-pop outfit Pinback will play all of 2004’s Summer in Abaddon at Bottom Lounge. Though I’ve been averse to the bulk of these kinds of anniversary tours I’m drawn to this one, admittedly because there was a period where I’d listen through Pinback’s discography daily—that time’s passed and though I’m not quite as enchanted by the band’s albums since Summer in Abaddon I always find something I can dig about their music, new and old. Today I’m drawn to the lovely piano melody on “3×0,” which Pinback will play tomorrow night; listen to it below, it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.