There are a ton of great shows this week—at least a dozen could have made it onto our Soundboard calendar if we had the space. One that didn’t, but is worth checking out, is Roy Ayers, the great jazz composer and vibraphonist. Ayers has produced a number of solid albums, including his work on the Coffy soundtrack; Music of Many Colors, his 1980 collaboration with Fela Kuti; the 1973 album Red, Black, and Green; and Everybody Loves the Sunshine, his 1976 album released under the Roy Ayers Ubiquity moniker. My personal favorite Ayers tune is “Running Away,” a breezy and funky cut off the 1977 album Lifeline. I’m not sure Ayers will be playing such upbeat selections at the Promontory, but expect a night of spirited playing regardless. And check out today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Running Away,” below.