The eyes of the rap world are squarely fixed on Kanye West as he prepares to release Yeezus on Tuesday, and there’s been a glut of chatter around the album even though Ye has generally done a great job of releasing any of his new work on his own terms. (Those awkward outdoor video screenings, anyone?) There’s a lot of pages to sift through given that there’s very little information about Yeezus out there—that is, except for Jon Caramanica’s fascinating interview with West for the New York Times, which is remarkable because it exists; not only does Caramanica manage to get a lot out of a dude who has noticeably distanced himself from the press circuit, but the fact that the paper of record has published such a lengthy interview with a figure of West’s magnitude is a media event in and of itself. The New York Times interview will likely shape the way people approach, discuss, and listen to Yeezus, which is great considering there’s a lot of fascinating details about West’s mind-set in the piece—if you haven’t read it yet, get to it.