• “My City Was Gone” is off of 1984’s Learning to Crawl

A couple months ago I was driving around and listening to the Sirius XM station 1st Wave when a song came on that I hadn’t heard before: the Pretenders‘ “My City Was Gone.” The track had a drum sound straight out of Talking Heads’ version of “Take Me to the River” and an equally killer bass line, except that unlike most other rock-gone-disco cuts this one had bluesy guitar licks that never verged on the cutting rhythmic funk that most disco guitars adopt. Within 30 seconds I loved it; adding to my enjoyment were the lyrics, in which front woman Chrissie Hynde sings about going back to her hometown in Ohio only to find how much has changed since her childhood, with asphalt and shopping malls replacing forests and farms. I could never think of a show hook for the song, but I have one for today: Hynde plays Chicago Theatre tomorrow night, and the concert’s still not sold out. If you’ve never heard today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “My City Was Gone,” definitely give it a listen below.