Hell of a day to be facing our own liquidity crisis. Pile of beans, crazy world, etc, but it’s quite stressful: I knew I should have used that U of C degree to get a job at the Tribune something in econ a reliable City of Chicago job plastics. Still thinking law school, nursing, and private mercenary companies are kind of safe.

Now would be a good time to bookmark our Free Shit blog. We rolled that out just in time.

Update: The thesis that eventually emerges from Ted McClelland’s wanderings is worth considering (though I should say: “tattooed, twenty-seven-year-old stripper” is cheap, lazy, and dismissive of something that was good), although the problem, I submit, is more that the audience is online, but the money is still in print, for a host of complicated reasons; the Politico, inarguably a successful new startup, would be broke if it weren’t for its print edition. There have also been plenty of new entries into a small market, and more are on the way.

But mostly it’s becoming increasingly difficult to publish paid journalism when you can get people to do something kind of like it for free; freelancers are in a bad way right now. Along those lines, Chicagoist outsources its grave-dancing on the matter, but they’ve had it in for us for a long time, so take it with a grain of salt.