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Did you know that they used to call DMT the “working man’s psychedelic,” because the trip subjectively feels hours long but actually only lasts about ten real-world minutes? I used to know some Web designers who liked to spend their lunch breaks tripping on salvia (which induces a similarly brief trip) in the apartment one of them conveniently rented across the street from their office.

Now, am I suggesting that you skip out on work to take psychedelic drugs, then watch the new video for “Returner,” the new single from the upcoming album Aesthethica by black-metal band Liturgy? Of course not. But if you do happen to have some sort of fast-acting psychedelic and—this is very important—a workplace drug policy that allows for mid-afternoon tripping, you should probably go for it. If nothing else, put your eyeballs as close to your monitor as you can get them, buckle up your brain, and let ‘er rip.