Mick Dumke reports from Roseland:

Alvin Robertson is handing out palm cards for alderman Anthony Beale’s ward organization outside a polling place at 105th and Michigan. “I wanted to make a few bucks, and I wanted to be part of history,” he said. A native of Roseland, Robertson played basketball for the University of Iowa and professional teams overseas. He told me he wasn’t suprised that we could elect an African-American president: “Nothing ever stays the same,” he said. “Now you see more mixed-race couples on the north side, and white people in the hood.” A couple of young men wearing do-rags held out their hands for palm cards as they walked by. “I’ve seen people out here I never thought would vote,” Robertson said.

An older gentleman in a faded Sox cap and crooked glasses came up and asked if he had to vote at his assigned polling place, way up on 58th Street. We tell him he does. “Oh, what the hell,” the old guy said. “What else do I have to do? It’s a nice day; it’s Election Day.”