The amazing Rollins tattoo whiteboard
  • The amazing Rollins tattoo whiteboard

Henry Rollins has a lot of tattoos, but does he have the tattoos that you want him to have? Would you rather he had a heart on his chest with your name in it? Or a stomach tattoo like Tupac’s, except instead of “Thug Life” it says “King of Beers”? Or an Error Rat?

Thanks to the continuing genius of Brandon Bird, an artist I’ve been a huge fan of ever since I saw this, you can now live out your wildest tattooing-Henry-Rollins dreams with the Henry Rollins Tattoo Whiteboard. It’s sort of the spiritual heir to the “draw your own Ian MacKaye hairdo” flyer that I saw in some book about DC hardcore—the specific title of which I can’t recall—and it’s only twenty bucks.

You can catch Rollins reading this evening at the Oak Park Public LIbrary.