When Liz Armstrong (aka performance artist Misty Martinez) wrote Chicago Antisocial for the Reader, she had a following, and everyone in it loved or hated her. “Doing this column has trained me to stand back and watch the party from the outside,” she brooded in December ’06, saying goodbye. “I’ve lost a lot of friendships (and one romantic relationship) because of it–no one likes to have their scene exposed, much less by an insider. But it was worth it. I loved this job. I loved being paid to explore my city and talk to people who do whatever the fuck they want.”

Liz was off to Las Vegas. She didn’t stay there. She resurfaced at Brooklyn-based Vice three months ago as the blog editor and began writing up a storm — under her own name and various aliases. Vice is a phenomenon, a magazine that’s hiring, and our former night troller is now on staff there.

The wheel comes round. Liz published her first Chicago Antisocial in September 2004, and her subject matter was a party in honor of Vice cofounder Gavin McInnes, visiting our city. The headline: “Shithead.” Flashing the eye for the telling moment that never failed her, Liz reported, “Midway through the presentation, he pulled his balls out through his fly and asked how on earth a man could be gay and prefer such a revolting thing as a nutsack to a sweet set of tits. Though that bit met with roaring laughter, all his other gay jokes silenced the room.”

McInnes has since moved on too.