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  • Hollow Mountain’s EP on vinyl

This Halloween, garage-punk trio Hollow Mountain will put out their first official release. The four-song self-titled EP arrives on a timely holiday for a band that spikes its bare-bones garage crunch with something more sinister than many of their lo-fi peers. “Hollow Mountain” is a good pair of words to describe the sound these three churn out: a sly echo of “holy mountain,” and also a roundabout way to describe a volcano.

Unlike, say, White Mystery, Hollow Mountain’s debut single “People Are Alike All Over” resists the temptation to crack into a hook at any point in its three-minute duration. Vocalist Esther Kim balances her partner Steve Wichelecki’s guitar riffs with light post-punk yelps, leaving him to work most of the track’s melody between her verses. Behind them, Ben Simpson fills the space on drums, deepening the song with tense, expressive patterns.

The Hollow Mountain EP will be released on October 31. Look for the vinyl on Tall Pat Records and the cassette edition on Grabbing Clouds, and listen to “People Are Alike All Over” below.