• Courtesy of Priority Male
  • Ennui‘s reissue

Back in 2012, local labels Galactic Archive (run by Steve “Plastic Crimewave” Krakow) and Priority Male (operated by Matthew Hord of Running) teamed up to reissue Machines That Kill People, the long-lost 1983 debut of south-side art-rock legends Ono. The bizarre, noisy, and theatrical band blew minds in the 80s, but were all but forgotten by 2007 when they were resurrected by Krakow. They’ve since firmly planted themselves as the focal point of the weirdo-Chicago-underground-rock scene, reinventing themselves over and over and constantly incorporating young blood into the lineup—a roster which now boasts experimental musicians like Brett Naucke and Ben Billington as part of the team. But before they initially disappeared back in the late 80s, they released their second LP, Ennui, on Thermidor Records.

Much like Machines, Ennui has also become an impossible-to-find relic, but Galactic Archive and Priority Male—along with a grant from local nonprofit State of the Arts—have given it the full-on, limted-run, colored-vinyl reissue treatment as well. Ennui sees the band shifting away from the minimalism of Machines, using Throbbing Gristle-flavored drum machine propulsion to lay down the groundwork for dramatic, over-the-top, gospel-style vocals and eerie spoken word.

The record is currently available through the band, local record shops, and directly from the Priority Male website. You can check the whole thing out in full below.