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Next month, local postpunk duo Tinkerbelles are setting out on a tour that comes with an ambitious goal: to earn a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records as the band who’s played the most shows on the shortest tour. On Friday, June 19, the band plays three shows in Chicago and one in Evanston before heading out for nine more days jam-packed with nonstop shows—they’re aiming for a final count of 40 full sets played across seven states. While other bands have pulled off similar feats—a few years ago the Flaming Lips beat Jay-Z’s record of the most shows played in 24 hours, and sludge-metal icons the Melvins once set out to play all 50 states in 50 days—this will be the first time this specific world record will be attempted.

“We’re stocking up on our B vitamins and have been training for months to make sure we don’t fall apart and die,” jokes Tinkerbelles drummer Christian Dawson about the upcoming, exhausting jaunt. It makes sense that a band that’s as musically streamlined and brimming with enthusiasm as Tinkerbelles would be making this journey—40 shows in ten days would kill a mere mortal punk rocker. Local filmmaker Alan Callaghan will be along for the ride, filming everything for a documentary—and for proof that the record was actually set. The trip is sponsored by Lagunitas, who will be helping to provide touring funds, and they’ll have representatives at all eight Chicago shows (y’all like free beer, right?). The insane tour schedule is listed below.

Friday 6/19
Bric-a-Brac Records – Chicago, IL
Naragansett Skatepark – Chicago, IL
The Mutiny – Chicago, IL
Ski House – Evanston, IL

Saturday 6/20
The Record Lounge – Lansing, MI
Clique Coffee Bar – Grand Rapids, MI
Dodds Record Shop – Grand Rapids, MI
The Flamingo Lounge – Grand Rapids, MI

Sunday 6/21
B-24’s Espresso Bar – Ypsilanti, MI
Roger’s Party – Cleveland, OH
Buzzbin Music Shop – Canton, OH
Sadie Rene’s – Canton, OH

Monday 6/22
Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza – Kettering, OH
Plaid Room Records – Loveland, OH
Westerville Skatepark – Westerville, OH
Maudie’s – Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday 6/23
Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN
Exile On Main Street – Champaign, IL
Carrie Winter Skatepark – Olney, IL
Skihaus – Carbondale, IL

Wednesday 6/24
House Springs Skatepark – House Springs, MO
Belleville Skatepark – Belleville, IL
Music Record Shop – Saint Louis, MO
Foam – Saint Louis, MO

Thursday 6/25
Springfield Skatepark – Springfield, IL
Thirty-Thirty Coffee – Peoria, IL
Gabe’s Oasis – Iowa City, IA
Trumpet Blossom Cafe – Iowa City, IA

Friday 6/26
Daytrotter – Rock Island, IL
Ragged Records – Davenport, IA
Phillips Park Skatepark – Aurora, IL
The Drunken Donut – Joliet, IL

Saturday 6/27
Techny Prairie Skatepark – Northbrook, IL
The Asylum – Lake Bluff, IL
Burnhearts Bar – Milwaukee, WI
Bremen Cafe – Milwaukee, WI

Sunday 6/28
Wilson Beach Skate Park – Chicago, IL
Saki Records – Chicago, IL
East Room – Chicago, IL
The Mutiny – Chicago, IL

Try to catch the band at one of these bajillion shows they’re playing—they’re one of Chicago’s best. Check out their video for “When Puppies Cry” below.

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