• Courtesy of Bleach Party’s Facebook page

Bleach Party want to believe. On their new single “Secret Ships,” the Chicago-based garage-rock band vanish into the stars during a mysterious alien abduction set in the late 90s. Lead vocalist Meghan MacDuff sings about joining dozens of astronauts on a journey across the cosmos, only to be jettisoned back down to Earth once they realize she’s human. Unlike the most famous songs about starmen and space voyages, “Secret Ships” doesn’t worry too much about paving the future with its sound. The song takes on a retro, surfy edge as MacDuff’s vocals jolt from steady verses into a wild, swooping chorus. It’s a punk-rock rallying cry for those who keep their eyes fixed on the stars even while their boots stay planted in the mosh pit.

“Secret Ships,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, is the first single from Bleach Party’s new split cassette with the Bingers on Dumpster Tapes. Stream it below, and catch the band at the Empty Bottle tomorrow when the queer-punk concert series Glitter Creeps hosts its first event of the year. Swimsuit Addition and Hollow Mountain also perform; the show starts at 9 PM and tickets cost $5.