Beach Jesus has been on my radar for a short amount of time: I first saw the local hip-hop group only a handful of months ago. But even back then the trio—producer Jarofmy and rappers Chandler London and Jessiath—stitched together rap and electronic pop with poise and purpose. As I wrote back in April about the group’s first EP, the stylistically scattered songs thrive because of the unit’s unusual chemistry and charisma.

On their new full-length debut, Two Weeks Vacation, Beach Jesus elevates its still-forming alchemical might by taking chances. Chandler and Jessiath, for example, aren’t great singers, but that doesn’t stop them from outright belting out some of their lines like they’ve spent decades flexing their vocal cords. The pair can pull off some affecting, imperfect singing, as is the case with the wistful “Lovemore”; Chandler and Jessiath’s performances hint at the sweet euphoria buried beneath Jarofmy’s somber, quietly majestic production.

Next Thursday Beach Jesus headlines a Two Weeks Vacation release show at Schubas. Netherfriends, Pivot Gang’s MFn Melo, and DJ Manny Muscles also perform; the show is all-ages and starts at 6:30 PM. Till then stream Two Weeks Vacation below.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.