It’s the end of the week, which means that you’re probably just about finished getting through the Arcade Fire’s brand-new fourth album, Reflektor (OK, the album isn’t that long but I’ve had trouble getting through it), and you’re eager to listen to more new music. You could check out M.I.A.’s Matangi, which the agitprop pop artist posted on her YouTube-Vevo page earlier today, or you could download the sequel to Action Bronson and Party Supplies’ Blue Chips mixtape. I’d recommend a third option—Document: A Retrospective, the brand new 100th release from Chicago-via-Michigan DIY label Already Dead Tapes & Records. Since it launched in 2010 the microlabel has released music by a fascinating array of musicians, including Codeine drummer Chris Brokaw, Saint Louis noise-pop outfit Spelling Bee, and Irish garage-pop group No Monster Club.

The 27 songs on Document draw upon the label’s eclectic back-catalog—there’s lo-fi folk, snotty punk, outre garage, kitchen-sink DIY pop, and a moody experimental track from a dude whose name comes from a misspelled Fugazi bootleg T-shirt. The compilation is available as a free download from Already Dead’s Bandcamp page, and the Document cassette costs $10. That may seem pricey for a cassette, but it comes with a “Golden Ticket,” which is a download card for all 100 of the label’s releases—that’s one hell of a deal. Stream Document below; the cassette is available from Already Dead’s site.