Melkbelly in their practice space Credit: Lenny Gilmore

Ah, the joys of the practice space. A safe haven to experiment with your creative energy. A room to party in. A place to get really weird. In the video for the brand-new single “Middle Of,” off their upcoming Nothing Valley LP (coming out October 13 on Carpark Records subsidiary Wax Nine), Melkbelly use their rehearsal room to do all of the above.

The lo-fi, no-nonsense clip, directed and edited by Matt Engers (better known as local psychedelic hip-hop artist Sophagus), takes place entirely in the band’s practice space.  It opens with what looks like a one-on-one weirdo jam session between bassist Liam Winters and singer Miranda Winters, then opens the floodgates for a full-on rager.

“Middle Of” is the best song Melkbelly has released yet. It takes their distinctive collision of noise-rock and indie-pop and makes it bigger and tighter, boiling over with angular riffs, feedbacky freak-outs, and the catchiest vocal hooks you’ll ever hear.

Melkbelly will welcome Nothing Valley into the world at a Hideout show on Friday, October 13, with support from the Hecks and the Funs.