• Tinkerbelles

Local duo Tinkerbelles played their first show a little less than a year ago, and tomorrow night they celebrate the release of their debut EP, Fine Asses. The band—made up of Adam Mohundro, who played in indie-rock band Gypsyblood, and Wedding Dress drummer Christian Dawson—play supersimple, hypermelodic, driving pop-rock with a heavy postpunk bent, kind of like a really accessible version of Wire. The demos for the seven-inch I heard back in the winter were excellent, and the finished product is out of this world, creating an abstract collision of noisy weirdness and perfectly crafted pop sensibilities. The production value is rough and natural but massive—it sounds richer and fuller than any drums-and-bass duo I’ve heard before. I’ve had the tracks for Fine Asses for a while now, and they’re all equally catchy and interesting—I still can’t stop listening to them.

The band plays a release show on Fri 10/24 with openers the Mad Doctors, Thons, and Fitness. It’s at a DIY spot whose name and address I can’t list here, bit a little bit of Internet searching should get you to the right place. Attendance is highly recommended.

Check out “When Puppies Cry” off the excellent new release below.