RLYR: Steven Hess, Colin DeKuiper, and Trevor de Brauw Credit: Mark Dawursk

Local instrumental trio RLYR have just shared their first recorded material, the opening track from their upcoming debut LP, Delayer, due out Friday, June 17, via Magic Bullet Records. The band consists of Trevor de Brauw of postmetal giants Pelican on guitar, Colin DeKuiper of heavy experimentalists Bloodiest on bass, and Steven Hess of harsh-noise/black-metal outfit Locrian on drums—and for three dudes who play on the fringes of the weirdo heavy-metal spectrum, they sure go full-on pretty with this new project. “Slipstream Summer” sounds a little like Pelican, except with a postpunky, indie-rock sensibility: it has a sturdy rhythm and the guitars blast through walls of amps, but the doomy sludge is gone, traded for sunny melodies, warm tones, and uplifting structures. The epic track climaxes with a massive cascade of shimmering, delayed guitar that burns through the rhythm section’s proggy stomp like the sun at the end of a thunderstorm. Check out the song below, and keep your ears peeled for Delayer—the rest of the album is even more triumphant.

RLYR’s next show is Sunday, April 24, at Reggie’s Rock Club with Mutoid Man.