• Courtesy of the artist
  • Weekend Nachos

Local powerviolence unit Weekend Nachos have officially been at it for a decade, and this weekend they celebrate ten years of brutality with a stacked bill at the Beat Kitchen on Sat 9/6. Over the years, the band have gone from a disjointed, spazzy hardcore outfit playing basements in Dekalb—with a name taken from a friend’s ridiculous AIM screen name—to an enormous, down-tuned monster with records out on Relapse. Their latest LP, Still, is a demonstration in evil and anger, jumping from pummeling D-beats and unhinged grinds to plodding, dirgey sludge, with lead singer (and sole consistent member) John Hoffman losing his mind over it all, sounding kind of like a deranged, pissed-off Cookie Monster.

“I can honestly say I’ll never forget that night,” says Hoffman about the first ever Weekend Nachos show, which took place in September of 2004 at a venue called The House in Dekalb. “We were asked to ‘destroy the venue’ because the promoter hated booking shows there. Call Me Lightning headlined. I broke a lot of shit and wore a red bra. The staff banned us forever and refused to pay us. I doubt we played even remotely well.”

These days, the band’s fans destroy the venue for them, and the improvement the band have undergone is blatant. Weekend Nachos sound great when they play live (although Hoffman says differently: “Musically, I think we’ve just gotten better live. We still aren’t very good live, though”). The intent to annoy is gone—the band is more focused on punishing you with their tremendous volume and violent energy.

This lineup of Weekend Nachos, which has been in place for six years and features Brian Laude on drums, Drew Brown on bass, and Andy Nelson on guitar (who was briefly in the band’s original lineup ten years ago), is the strongest the group have ever been, according to Hoffman. “We went through a ton of lineup changes during that first period of four years, but once we got the current lineup together and recorded Unforgivable, things instantly became stable.” And since these four fell into place, they’ve released a constant stream of excellent records, all of them showcasing the band’s inability to sit still too long, blitzing through more heavy acrobatics per song than the listener can keep track of.

What does the future hold for Nachos? Spreading the word of hard and heavy even further across the world. “We are most likely going to Japan in April with Full of Hell. I’m excited because it’ll be our first time there,” says Hoffman. “It’s taken us over ten years to get a show over there.”

Weekend Nachos headline the Beat Kitchen on Sat 9/6; Dead End Path, Full of Hell, Bent Life, Sex Prisoner, and Mal Intent open. The show starts at 7:30 PM and is 17+. Admission is $12.