I allowed Josh Howard to put this on my body.
  • I allowed Josh Howard to put this on my body.

It’s impossible to escape tattoos nowadays. Tattoo shops are opening constantly everywhere, and it seems more people have them than not. Once considered taboo and dangerous, now they’re a totally normal thing for pretty much anyone. I remember when I first started getting tattooed, my mother would warn me to make sure that I only get tattoos that I could cover with a dress shirt, to ensure that I was employable. Ten years later, and with more tattoos than I can count, it now takes a little more than a dress shirt to cover up all of my work, and I turned out just fine. I graduated college, got a job, and even have a nice girlfriend.

With the higher demand for tattoos comes higher demand for people who do them. In an overcrowded market, it’s gotten harder and harder to find a quality tattoo artist, but I’d like to introduce you to a guy who I think is one of Chicago’s best, Josh Howard.